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6 Dynamic Stretches Every Runner Should be Doing Before a Workout

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Even though many might consider it as a waste of time and efforts, stretching is something that is an integral part of a workout. Warm up is the most important part of a workout as it is the first point of physical movement and exercise. Warm up is basically done with an aim to prepare muscles you are going to be using in the workout.

Dynamic stretches have evolved as a great option for runners. With a proven advantage of reducing risk injuries, Dynamic Stretches also help in increasing the running efficiency to a great extent. It is a great way to increase blood flow. Read on to know about some of the Dynamic stretches every runner should do before doing a workout.

Leg Swings

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Leg Swings are a great way to prepare your lower body for action. By engaging almost every single leg muscle, leg swings are a great way to dynamically stretch your lower body. You simply have to stand against a wall and swing your legs turn by turn. This also makes its inclusion in the list of easy dynamic stretches you could indulge in.

Front Lunge

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Front Lunges are a great way to stretch your hamstrings, calves, quads and even the hip flexors. By warming up your hamstrings proficiently, you also eliminate the risk of Anu kind of hamstring injuries that are known to be painful. You simply have to lower into a lunge by keeping one foot in front of another and continue the reps.