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7 Amazing Waterfalls You Wouldn’t Believe are in the United States


Traveling is something that every person loves. Be it plans or hill stations, everyone has a list of favorite places. What can’t be ignored is the love and craze for the waterfalls. Waterfalls are something that every person would yearn to have a glimpse of. It is not a hard rule that all waterfalls are meant to be big, many waterfalls are popular even though their size is small. Waterfalls not only offer a great view but are also regarded as a great place for meditation. Now you might not be able to meditate on small waterfalls due to the number of tourists they attract.

When we talk about waterfalls, it would be wrong to not talk about the United States. The United States alone is home to various waterfalls that are famous around the world. Read on to know about some of the most beautiful and amazing waterfalls the United States is home to.

Waimoku Falls

The saying that ‘The journey is more beautiful than the destination’ surely holds its ground in this scenario. The scenic trail leads you to the waterfall. You are advised to stay away from the water due to safety reasons. It is also known to be one of the most well-maintained sights. Before enjoying the beautiful Waimoku cascade, the tourists can have an enriching experience of going through bamboo forests and various waterfalls. The falls in Haleakala national park in Hawaii are one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world.

McWay Falls

Image Source : en.wikipedia.org

If you are ever blessed with an opportunity to visit the Big Sur Area, make sure to visit the McWay Falls. The 80-foot plummet which goes straight into the Pacific Ocean is a great sight for every tourist who is blessed with an opportunity to witness it. You can also enjoy the hiking trail and witness the regarding views of California. All these things make it a sure shot inclusion in the list of most beautiful waterfalls in America.