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8 Health Benefits of Fasting You Never Knew


Health Benefits of Fasting

Improves Heart Health

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Fasting has many cardiovascular and heart health benefits. Fasting improves cardiovascular function, blood composition, and stabilizes blood pressure. It fights high cholesterol, improves blood triglycerides, and also improves the performance of the heart muscle.

Lowers Blood Pressure

As fasting reduces salt intake and also lowers the salt levels in the body. This helps over heart health as mentioned above and also improves the blood pressure in the body. The high blood pressure patients in particular benefit from fasting.

Slows the Aging Process

Many people say fasting is beneficial for a long and healthy life. Fasting not just aides in the longevity of life but also slows down the aging process over the long run. Fasting helps improve the blood composition, improves the skin and the metabolic rate making people feel more young and active.

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