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8 Health Benefits of Fasting You Never Knew

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The willing abstinence from food is called fasting. There are various types of fasting where people do not eat food or a certain type of food while the more difficult ones are when both food and water are given up during fasting. People generally participate in intermittent fasting which means that they fast regularly for a small period of time and then eat regular food and maintain a diet for the rest of the time. Fasting can be religious in nature or as a diet to lose weight or part of a fitness trend. There are various different types of health benefits of fasting that many people are generally not aware of. People all over the world have participated in fasting for generations for various reasons. There are health benefits of fasting that are very visible in people who have the self-control and patience for this very difficult task. Controlling hunger without letting it affect mood and without getting uneasy is difficult. Fasting can be avoiding some foods on some days or completely not having food and drinks for a period of time. The following are some of the health benefits of fasting that most people are not aware of:

Health Benefits of Fasting

Improves Fitness

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Fasting is very good for health as it helps maintain the right balance and composition of nutrients in the body. Fasting helps keep the hormones in check and also improves the fat burning in the body as fasting helps the body convert fat cells into energy.

Boosts Metabolism

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As fat cells are converted into energy during fasting, another benefit for weight loss through fasting is the boosted metabolism.  Metabolism is boosted by fasting as it fights the sluggishness of thyroid. Fasting improves leptin sensitivity and thyroid hormone production which improves metabolism in the body.