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7 Tummy-Bloating Foods That You Should Always Avoid

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For most people today being fit, thin and healthy is very important as awareness about health and staying slim is very important. There are people all over the world that have problems with obesity and excess fat deposits in some key areas of the body. One of the worst problems with obesity is abdominal fat. Tummy fat is the excessive amount of fat on the stomach and the abdominal area. This central obesity keeps on increasing in a gradual way for many people and the bloated stomach or beer belly not just looks bad but is also very bad for health. There are many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, asthma and other such diseases that are risked with a bloated tummy. Exercise is one of the ways in which visceral abdominal fat can be slowly removed from the stomach area. What we eat also contribute to abdominal fat in our body. Some types of food are more responsible for tummy-bloating than others. Having a healthy diet with a balance of fresh and quality food is important to deal with this problem. Some types of food increase the pace at which tummy is bloated easily. The following are some of the tummy bloating foods that need to be avoided to stop or reduce abdominal fat:

7 Tummy Bloating Foods

Processed Food

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Many types of processed foods are high in calorie, have saturated fats and are difficult to digest. They are tasty and easy to eat and so are a part of our diet. These types of food products sit in our intestines and cause bloating and an increase in fat around our stomach. There are different types of processed foods including breakfast cereals, potato chips, tinned food, microwave meals, and processed meat products which are all bad for tummy fat.

Sugary Foods

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Sugary foods like desserts, sodas, and foods with artificial and natural sweeteners in it are all tummy bloating foods. Fructose is an ingredient in our sugary foods which causes bloating and gas. It is difficult to digest and contributes to tummy bloating.