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7 Tummy-Bloating Foods That You Should Always Avoid


Fried Food

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Fried food is not good for the health for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it tends to bloat the tummy. Excessive fried food tends to cause problems like acid reflux and heartburn. It also sits in the stomach and contributes to the buildup of fat around the stomach. It has high fat and carbohydrate content which makes people obese.


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Milk and milk products do have some nutrients essential for the body. But dairy contributes to weight gain and also is considered a tummy bloating food. It can contribute to insulin resistance which then results in an increase in fat in the body and also helps people gain belly fat.

Bakery Products

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Bakery products are many times filled with gluten and are carb-heavy or completely filled with carbohydrates. Different types of loaves of bread have processed flour, butter, and oil and are usually part of the daily diet. These bread, in particular, need to be avoided as they are tummy bloating foods.

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