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9 Best Countries In Europe To Visit This Year On Vaccation


How about travelling like there’s no tomorrow? Well, that is not possible unless you are a millionaire. 

The first thing which hits our mind when we hear about vacations, is the total expenses and want to opt for something cheap but worth visiting to. So what do you think about a visit to Europe and that too within your budget? Let us take you through some of the cheapest European countries.

Prague, Czech Republic

Photo by Arkadi Berikashvili from Pexels

The capital and the largest city in Czech Republic, Prague is the historical capital of Bohemia. It has been the centre of political, cultural and economic in Europe and is mainly famous for it’s historic architectures. 

Things to do in Prague:

  • First and foremost, visit the historical sculptures like Prague castle, Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague river cruise.
  • Get inspired by the graffiti works on the John Lennon Wall.
  • Some good news for beer lovers, as you can drink pint after pint on a Prague beer tour. 
  • Have a look at the world’s oldest astronomical clock.
  • You can enjoy the traditional Bohemian dinner and have a giant pork knuckle.


Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels

Spain is the fourth largest European continent. The thing which is most famous in Spain is Paella, a rice dish prepared with meat or sea food. 

Things to do in Spain:

  • The birthplace of Picasso.
  • The tomb of Christopher Columbus.
  • Party in the world’s biggest night club.
  • Experience the tomatina festival.
  • Walk through the world’s scariest pathway.
  • Enjoy the real Tapeo.
  • Visit the bar made of only ice and enjoy a drink.
  • Visit the only European desert.