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7 Young Youtubers Wow with Adorable Strategies to Up Subscribers


Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings is a character created and portrayed by American comedian and YouTuber Colleen Ballinger. The character is a satire of bad, but confident, performers who post videos of themselves singing on YouTube. Miranda Sings is known for her oversized red lipstick, mismatched outfits, and over-the-top personality. The character first gained popularity on YouTube, where Ballinger began posting videos as Miranda in 2008. Over the years, Miranda has become a viral sensation, with millions of fans all over the world. In addition to her YouTube videos, Miranda Sings has also appeared in several shows, including a Netflix original series, several live comedy tours, and various other media appearances. The character has become a cultural icon, known for her comedic sketches, parodies, and viral videos, and continues to be a beloved figure in the online community.

Dan and Phil

Dan and Phil are a duo of British YouTubers and internet personalities, consisting of Daniel Howell and Phil Lester. They rose to prominence in the early days of YouTube and have since become two of the most popular creators on the platform. Dan and Phil are known for their comedic skits, vlogs, and collaborations, as well as their unique personalities and friendship. They have a large and dedicated fanbase, often referred to as the “Phandom”. In addition to their YouTube channel, Dan and Phil have also appeared on several TV shows and have authored several bestselling books. They have been praised for their humor, relatability, and their ability to connect with their audience, and continue to be among the most beloved creators on the internet.

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