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Top 10 Richest And Famous Wrestlers in the World

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Sports have always been the attracting formula for an audience. For an audience that craves fun, excitement, thrill or even patriotism at the same time, sports is the answer. Gone are the days when the thoughts on getting sports were restricted to only a few games.

Wrestling is one such sport that has always enjoyed the mixed response from the audience and the viewers. Wrestlers are known not only for their physique but also for the type of stunts that they perform in the ring. Even though the action might be scripted, they are always prone to sustaining injuries as they perform the stunts. Even though wrestling might lack in the popularity aspect like other sports, it has always been loved by the audience. Who would not want to know about the lifestyle of the Wrestlers they are fans of? Read on to know about some of the most Richest Wrestlers of the World.

Vince McMahon

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Vince McMahon is undoubtedly the first name or even the face that pops up in the mind on hearing wrestling. For all those who don’t know, he is the CEO of WWE. Apart from being a successful writer, he is even a proficient businessman and this fact can’t be denied. With a net worth of $800 Million, he is undoubtedly amongst the richest wrestlers in the world.

Dwayne Johnson

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For all those who might not recognize this name, we are talking about The Rock. He was a Football player before coming into wrestling. Apart from his earnings from WWE, he has featured in many movies series like The Fast and The Furious too. All these movies and endorsements are enough to justify his net worth of $150 million.