lady sleeping left side

We all know that a good night’s sleep is important to our health and energy. We have to sleep well in order to meet our needs during the day, as well as to perform well whether in school or at work. However, our posture or sleeping position also helps us a lot. Many times we have been going back to bed trying to get the best position to sleep, it should be noted that there is a posture not only favorite but also recommended by studies.

If sleeping on your stomach is your favorite position, it is not recommended, as it makes it difficult for us to breathe, among other things. Experts indicate that sleeping in a lateral position is the right one for a better rest as well as for the organism, it gives us relaxation when waking up and it will help us to maintain a better performance during the day. It is scientifically approved that a change in sleeping position can improve the systematic health of people, so this position brings us several benefits.

7 Reasons to sleep on the left side

1. It’s good for the brain

Sleeping on the left side helps and benefits the lymphatic drainage of the central nervous system, thanks to research determined by a study conducted by the universities of Stony Brook in New York and Rochester, and published in the scientific journal “The Journal of Neuroscience”. In this study it was determined that sleeping in this position facilitates the elimination of excess protein, vitamins, fats and waste such as the deposit of beta-amyloids, these are highly harmful to health.

2. It is much better for the health of our heart

According to the position of our organisms, especially the heart. According to a study 80% of our heart is on the left side, so sleeping on the same side benefits the health of the left side. This is because we prevent the blockage of the aorta artery, this artery pumps blood from our heart to the rest of the blood system, this means that not only improves the functioning of the heart, but also improves circulation in the body.

3. Promotes digestion

The stomach like the pancreas fall on the left side of our body, so lying on the left side is the most natural way to facilitate digestion during sleep, our gastric juices work best in that position. Sleeping on the right side is the opposite, it will not help digestion at all, it makes it more difficult.

4. Relieves the weight on the spine

When you lie on your side your spine is more aligned than lying on your back or face down. On your side you avoid that all the weight is on your back. This benefit is highly recommended for pregnant women, because it prevents the baby from pressing on the vena cava and the blood circulates more easily, making it easier to get nutrients to the baby.

Less back and neck pain

The ideal way to avoid these pains is to lie on the left side of our body. This is the best way for our spine to rest as well as possible.

You get a better night’s sleep

Experts say sleeping on the left side makes for better quality sleep and more rested sunrise.

Threats of better mood and without stress

According to research, the most sociable people sleep on the left side, but you can dawn in a very good mood if you try to change to this position, you threaten with more energy and without sleep, so better mood and removes stress.