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7 Early Warning Signs of Cancer Women Shouldn’t Ignore

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Cancer is a very dangerous disease and also a very unlucky and unfortunate one. Anybody on this planet can get cancer and it can be of any severity, any part of the body and at any stage. There are some inoperable cancers and some cancers that are detected at a later stage making them fatal. However, a large number of cancer patients survive cancer and also live a strong and healthy life after cancer. It is important to detect cancer at an early stage and get aggressive with the treatment to defeat this unfortunate disease. There is a lot of cancer research taking place all over the world and there have been improvement outcomes for various different types of cancers. Melanoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, brain cancer, and stomach cancer are some of the most common forms of cancer that women endure all over the world. These cancers either slowly form in the body or are aggressive and rapidly develop within the body. The trick for cancer is to detect it at an early stage so that treatment is done immediately and there can be good outcomes from the treatment. The following are some of the early warning signs of cancer:

Chronic Coughing

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Cough is usually a very common problem and most people get a cough and cold even if they are fit. Normal coughs usually go away in a few weeks even without very strong medication. However, if cough persists in a chronic fashion for more than a few weeks, it is an early sign of cancer.

Chronic Headache

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Headaches happen for again a variety of reasons. Migraines, indigestion, other illness all can cause severe headaches. But a persistent headache without a diagnosis of the cause of the headaches is a sign of cancer. If the headache does not relent with medication seeing a doctor makes sense.