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5 Things You Should Immediately Give up if you want a Beautiful Relationship

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Being in a relationship and keeping it healthy is a task that is far more difficult than it actually comes across. One may easily fall prey to small issues that might even ruin a relationship completely. In today’s time, the most important thing is to keep life easy and simple. Lost in this race, most people tend to forget that they even have to keep their relationship healthy.

A healthy relationship is the one in which both the parties accept each other and make compromises to actually take the relationship forward. The fact that a relationship is of both the lovers can’t be ignored. You simply can’t be in a relationship alone, this simply implies that every person in the relationship. One simply has to accept the fact that every person has to go ahead and make some adjustments to keep the relationship healthy. Read on to know about some of the things you should immediately give up if you want a fruitful relationship.


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There is absolutely no person that would want to be compared to someone else. You should try to avoid comparing your partner to the person who came before or was there in your life at any point in time. You should even boycott the habit of comparing your partner to their old self. You should try and accept the person as they are and love them unconditionally.

Being Right

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You should always remember that you are in a relationship and not in a competition or debate. The most common mistake that couples make these days is letting their ego take over the love they have for their partner. One should try to understand the point of their partner. It is true that your 6 might be a 9 for the other person. Trying to keep yourself as the right person would surely lead to more problems than it would actually solve. So always try to avoid a situation where you are being controlled by your ego and trying to be right always.